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Big Hit Buda Wants You to Re-Elect Obama

This must be the GREATEST, cough cough, attempt at getting Obama reelected in ages! Right? I spent thirty seconds watching this video and thought it was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Does this guy really think writing a rap song is going to get our president re-elected?

Don’t get me wrong, I love rap music, but I am not going out doing hookers and blow just because they rap about it. This guy is way in over his head on this one. Yes, there are some people who are probably singing this song throughout their house and getting more excited to vote, but do you think they are people that originally wanted Romney in office? If they are, well, they probably didn’t really like Romney in the first place. I find it a little wild to think that making a music video with a guy in a Romney mask doing the crazy signal with his hands is going to change peoples minds.

This has to rank in my top 5 stupidest political publicity stunts, near Paul Ryan’s staged soup kitchen photo-op. If you are unaware of what I am speaking of, go to this link: (

Every time I see something political these days, it makes my need to vote diminish marginally. Pretty soon, I am going to be voting for Mickey Mouse, just so I am not the guy who ‘didn’t vote.’ The linked video here ( sums up my feelings on what I just saw.

I will leave you on one final note: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AMERICA! I mean do we really want to listen to a guy who calls himself Big Hit Buda?


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October 16, 2012 · 4:52 am

Going Viral Gangnam Style

Going viral can increase your popularity instantly, just ask South Korean sensation PSY who recently posted a music video for his song Gangnam Style. His video hit 200 million views in just two months. PSY is a man with a grand sense of humor and a lack of dance skill to go with it; ask him if he cares. The man takes his lack of dance skill and makes a music video that you can’t help but smile while watching. His supporting cast could possibly be funnier than he is. With remixes and parodies popping up all over the internet, PSY has made his way into becoming one of the most popular persons of 2012.

Youtube is starting to have a huge impact on our society, whether it be good or bad. We have videos of people doing things they most likely shouldn’t be doing, just for a couple of views, and we have people making parodies, good or bad, that are causing a stir all over the world (yes, I am talking about the poorly produced movie that ended in the death of multiple innocent people in Libya). Decide for yourself if the impact that youtube has made in this world is good or bad, but PSY decided to take advantage of it in a harmless, humorous way. So remember, if you are going to try and impress the world with that irrelevant talent you have, make sure you are not going to offend anyone, make sure its safe to perform, and throw in a dance that looks like you are riding a horse and you should do just fine.


September 25, 2012 · 4:18 am