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In The Name of Love

As of late, it seems that I have been on a music themed binger. Music might be one of the greatest things on the planet, no matter what type of music you are into. It can be used in so many ways and it is intriguing to me to see what new, exciting music artists come out with. So as long as I am still discovering new music that I love, I will be sharing that music with the rest of you. 

However, the song attached to the link is fantastic, but not what this post is about. Tiesto has created an album filled with some of the most popular electronic artists, such as Hardwell, Afrojack, Dada Life, Martin Solveig and more, to help raise money for the fight against AIDS. The title of the album is Dance (RED), Save Lives. 

But, if an album that will raise a large amount of money wasn’t enough, on December 1st, World AIDS Day, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists will be playing live at Stereosonic Festival in Australia. This event will be also live via YouTube. In 36 hours, go to this link – – and watch some of the best EDM artists perform for a great cause, and if you enjoy EDM as much as I do, I know you are going to drop 8 dollars on the 22 track album. 

In the meantime, go to the link above, and hear some Tiesto mixed with a little U2 and get in the spirit to save some lives!  


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November 29, 2012 · 3:39 pm

Don’t You Worry Child

Ever since I first saw the original music video for this song, it has been one of my favorite songs. It gets played at least once a day in my household. If you have never heard the song, I suggest you go on to youtube and watch the music video by Swedish House Mafia. The video makes the song 10 times better, which I didn’t even know was possible.

Anyway, I stumbled across this young talent, by the name of DSharp, who is a violinist, and a magnificent one at that. He covers a lot of popular songs, that you can listen to on his youtube channel titled: IAmDSharp. I suggest you go listen to the rest of them.

I don’t use this word often, but when I do, I firmly believe it is necessary; this song (the cover) is magnificent. As he plays the vocals on his violin, I can almost here the words from the original. I also respect the fact that he kept the drop in the song, since it is the best part of the original song. Everything about this screams talent, and I wish more people did performances similar to this. Everyone sings cover songs, or plays the guitar, which is awesome, but a little violin can go a long way. To me, the violin is one of the most pleasant instruments to the ear (Assuming the musician is talented).

Sometimes I wish I would have played the violin when I was forced into band/orchestra in elementary school. Maybe I would have stuck with it, but I was young and naive and decided to pick an easy instrument and move on with my life. Oh well, no regrets, right?


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Must Hear Artist: D-Why

I am not exactly sure of where I first heard of a man by the name of D-Why, but I know for sure that I am glad I did. This man has been a part of every playlist I listen to since I first heard his music in 2011.

When I first saw what D-Why looked like, well, lets just say I had my doubts. He looked more like a fashionista than a rapper, but he proved me wrong. Its like a 2-for-1 special: style and lyrics to back it up.

I am the kind of person that listens to a different style of music, depending on the mood that I am in, but one thing that stays true is that no matter what mood I am in, I am willing to throw on a D-Why tune or two.

The beats, the lyrics, the confidence (which some may look at as cockiness, but how can you be successful at something if you don’t know you’re good at it) all come together to produce fantastic ear porn.

I couldn’t decide on my favorite video of his to post, so I decided to stick with the first one I saw, that got me hooked right away, and maybe it will get you hooked too.

If you are not into rap music at all, you can probably ignore the video and avoid listening to another song that you will probably complain about. But, if you are anyone else, give him a chance and I am sure that you will love the man as much as I do.

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Not Another Political Post!

With the presidential elections right around the corner, there is only one thing left to do. Start the trend of not talking about the presidential elections. That being said, lets talk TP.

What you are witnessing is not a team winning the championship, nor is it a team winning a playoff game, NOR is it a team winning any game at all. No, this team just scored their first basket of the game. Read it again if you have to, but I can assure you that I said FIRST BASKET of the entire game.

This is a tradition by the John Brown University student section, known as the TP game. Every basketball season, Hillside Free Will Baptist college makes their way to John Brown University, with one goal in mind. Delay John Brown from scoring as long as possible, so they don’t get pummeled with toilet paper for letting up a measly 2-3 points.

Honestly, If I was Hillside Free, I would probably just move out of the way, let them score, and let the stupid celebration get over with. To me this is a stupid, disrespectful act that goes nowhere near the boundaries of sportsmanship. But it is a hoot to watch!

I feel bad that Hillside has to deal with this once a season. Hell, I wouldn’t like that if it was the end of a championship game, leave the TP for the bathrooms and treat the opposing team with a little bit more respect.

Or, I suppose, if you are Hillside Free, why not just shut them out and then go into your duffel bags and start throwing toilet paper into the crowd? No? Yea, I guess that wouldn’t help anything, so stick with dealing and hope it doesn’t escalate anymore in the years to come. I suppose it is better than rioting your own city doing millions of dollars of damage because you won the World Series (San Francisco should be ashamed of themselves)

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Tomorrowland: My key to infinite happiness

If you have 20 minutes to spare, enjoy house/dubstep/electronic music, and are more attracted to aesthetics tied to a video rather than just the song, then I suggest you watch this video. Oh, and probably make an open spot on your bucket list for what could possibly be the greatest music festival in the history of music festivals. I have yet to see a video that gives me the chills, quite like this one did.

What we have here is an aftermovie for the Tomorrowland 2012 festival that was held in Belgium. The production level, song choices, and concert footage is through the roof. If this doesn’t make you want to drop between probably $1500 – $3000 dollars, I don’t know what will.

I can die happy, no matter what happens, as long as before my time ends on this planet, I can make my way to this music festival once. What you just watched (assuming you watched the video) is 180,000 people, thats right, 180,000 people just enjoying life and each others company.

It is ironic, I have heard from multiple sources, that the best way to experience Tomorrowland is solo, because you meet the most extraordinary people and can go to any show you want without complications. Can you imagine that? You go to a festival with 180,000 people and you didn’t bring any friends? I don’t know if I could handle that, but I also can’t picture 180,000 people getting along.

While watching this video, my jaw was to the ground, and I sat silent for 20 minutes, (which if you know me at all, is pretty hard to do) and eventually felt like I was there. This aftermovie opened up the doors to a whole different side of this style of music, that I never knew was possible. Some may say, that this is the definition of Heaven on Earth.

I can honestly say that I have watched this video somewhere between 25 – 40 times, and it never gets less exciting, and it continues to leave me speechless long after the video ends.

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Big Hit Buda Wants You to Re-Elect Obama

This must be the GREATEST, cough cough, attempt at getting Obama reelected in ages! Right? I spent thirty seconds watching this video and thought it was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Does this guy really think writing a rap song is going to get our president re-elected?

Don’t get me wrong, I love rap music, but I am not going out doing hookers and blow just because they rap about it. This guy is way in over his head on this one. Yes, there are some people who are probably singing this song throughout their house and getting more excited to vote, but do you think they are people that originally wanted Romney in office? If they are, well, they probably didn’t really like Romney in the first place. I find it a little wild to think that making a music video with a guy in a Romney mask doing the crazy signal with his hands is going to change peoples minds.

This has to rank in my top 5 stupidest political publicity stunts, near Paul Ryan’s staged soup kitchen photo-op. If you are unaware of what I am speaking of, go to this link: (

Every time I see something political these days, it makes my need to vote diminish marginally. Pretty soon, I am going to be voting for Mickey Mouse, just so I am not the guy who ‘didn’t vote.’ The linked video here ( sums up my feelings on what I just saw.

I will leave you on one final note: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AMERICA! I mean do we really want to listen to a guy who calls himself Big Hit Buda?

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October 16, 2012 · 4:52 am

A Politician Told A Lie?

Oh My Gosh!! Guys! Mitt Romney lied to us all! This is the craziest thing to happen since….. well…. since another politician told a lie (so every single one). No one can honestly tell me that they think any politician tells the truth these days. All they are doing is trying to make it seem like the other candidate is a piece of shit, so that they just look like a smaller piece of shit. Obama targets Romney, Romney targets Obama, and so on and so forth. So when I hear another stupid story about how one of them is a liar, I just think to myself “holy cow, that has to be the stupidest thing someone has said to me. And trust me, it is not stupid because it’s false, it’s stupid because I spend my whole day listening to everyone complain about presidents. If they are so bad, stop voting for them, and vote for someone that you think will do a better job.

I think December is the most exciting month of 2012, because Christmas is coming up, and because I don’t have to hear the petty bullshit that people are trying to tell me about the presidential candidates this year. For once in my life, I would like to sit down and have a conversation with someone that focuses solely on why each candidate can help our country. Maybe, just maybe, if we went back to that form of decision making, we wouldn’t have people fighting over political parties and trying to bash on the candidates every single day. We wouldn’t have people trying to sneak guns into the national conventions, and we would have real news, rather than a story telling me something I already know. I didn’t realize that finally having the ability to vote would cause me to hate everything about the months leading up to the presidential voting; begging for it to be over long before I even decided who I was voting for. Lets get our shit together America, and vote for a President we can believe in, not just one who is not as big of an asshole as the other guy.



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