In The Name of Love

As of late, it seems that I have been on a music themed binger. Music might be one of the greatest things on the planet, no matter what type of music you are into. It can be used in so many ways and it is intriguing to me to see what new, exciting music artists come out with. So as long as I am still discovering new music that I love, I will be sharing that music with the rest of you. 

However, the song attached to the link is fantastic, but not what this post is about. Tiesto has created an album filled with some of the most popular electronic artists, such as Hardwell, Afrojack, Dada Life, Martin Solveig and more, to help raise money for the fight against AIDS. The title of the album is Dance (RED), Save Lives. 

But, if an album that will raise a large amount of money wasn’t enough, on December 1st, World AIDS Day, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists will be playing live at Stereosonic Festival in Australia. This event will be also live via YouTube. In 36 hours, go to this link – – and watch some of the best EDM artists perform for a great cause, and if you enjoy EDM as much as I do, I know you are going to drop 8 dollars on the 22 track album. 

In the meantime, go to the link above, and hear some Tiesto mixed with a little U2 and get in the spirit to save some lives!  


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November 29, 2012 · 3:39 pm

One response to “In The Name of Love

  1. katienorthup

    Wow! I’ve never heard of the event but it sounds like a really great cause! There’s a good chance I might give a listen or event buy the track. It’s amazing how benefits, especially ones like this, generate so much money no matter the medium used to help the cause (aka the CD and Concert)

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