Not Another Political Post!

With the presidential elections right around the corner, there is only one thing left to do. Start the trend of not talking about the presidential elections. That being said, lets talk TP.

What you are witnessing is not a team winning the championship, nor is it a team winning a playoff game, NOR is it a team winning any game at all. No, this team just scored their first basket of the game. Read it again if you have to, but I can assure you that I said FIRST BASKET of the entire game.

This is a tradition by the John Brown University student section, known as the TP game. Every basketball season, Hillside Free Will Baptist college makes their way to John Brown University, with one goal in mind. Delay John Brown from scoring as long as possible, so they don’t get pummeled with toilet paper for letting up a measly 2-3 points.

Honestly, If I was Hillside Free, I would probably just move out of the way, let them score, and let the stupid celebration get over with. To me this is a stupid, disrespectful act that goes nowhere near the boundaries of sportsmanship. But it is a hoot to watch!

I feel bad that Hillside has to deal with this once a season. Hell, I wouldn’t like that if it was the end of a championship game, leave the TP for the bathrooms and treat the opposing team with a little bit more respect.

Or, I suppose, if you are Hillside Free, why not just shut them out and then go into your duffel bags and start throwing toilet paper into the crowd? No? Yea, I guess that wouldn’t help anything, so stick with dealing and hope it doesn’t escalate anymore in the years to come. I suppose it is better than rioting your own city doing millions of dollars of damage because you won the World Series (San Francisco should be ashamed of themselves)


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