Tomorrowland: My key to infinite happiness

If you have 20 minutes to spare, enjoy house/dubstep/electronic music, and are more attracted to aesthetics tied to a video rather than just the song, then I suggest you watch this video. Oh, and probably make an open spot on your bucket list for what could possibly be the greatest music festival in the history of music festivals. I have yet to see a video that gives me the chills, quite like this one did.

What we have here is an aftermovie for the Tomorrowland 2012 festival that was held in Belgium. The production level, song choices, and concert footage is through the roof. If this doesn’t make you want to drop between probably $1500 – $3000 dollars, I don’t know what will.

I can die happy, no matter what happens, as long as before my time ends on this planet, I can make my way to this music festival once. What you just watched (assuming you watched the video) is 180,000 people, thats right, 180,000 people just enjoying life and each others company.

It is ironic, I have heard from multiple sources, that the best way to experience Tomorrowland is solo, because you meet the most extraordinary people and can go to any show you want without complications. Can you imagine that? You go to a festival with 180,000 people and you didn’t bring any friends? I don’t know if I could handle that, but I also can’t picture 180,000 people getting along.

While watching this video, my jaw was to the ground, and I sat silent for 20 minutes, (which if you know me at all, is pretty hard to do) and eventually felt like I was there. This aftermovie opened up the doors to a whole different side of this style of music, that I never knew was possible. Some may say, that this is the definition of Heaven on Earth.

I can honestly say that I have watched this video somewhere between 25 – 40 times, and it never gets less exciting, and it continues to leave me speechless long after the video ends.


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One response to “Tomorrowland: My key to infinite happiness

  1. My God, that looks like a dream. Just crazy insane. And beautiful. Just the name, “Tomorrowland,” has a dreamlike quality.

    I think it would be fun roll solo, but terrifying at the same time. So many people, and I’m sure there are some shady characters there. Perhaps some intense drugs too? Just an assumption, but yea it would be scary.

    It would be so amazing to attend it, though for sure. If you can’t find anyone to with you, this girl right here! :p

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