A Politician Told A Lie?


Oh My Gosh!! Guys! Mitt Romney lied to us all! This is the craziest thing to happen since….. well…. since another politician told a lie (so every single one). No one can honestly tell me that they think any politician tells the truth these days. All they are doing is trying to make it seem like the other candidate is a piece of shit, so that they just look like a smaller piece of shit. Obama targets Romney, Romney targets Obama, and so on and so forth. So when I hear another stupid story about how one of them is a liar, I just think to myself “holy cow, that has to be the stupidest thing someone has said to me. And trust me, it is not stupid because it’s false, it’s stupid because I spend my whole day listening to everyone complain about presidents. If they are so bad, stop voting for them, and vote for someone that you think will do a better job.

I think December is the most exciting month of 2012, because Christmas is coming up, and because I don’t have to hear the petty bullshit that people are trying to tell me about the presidential candidates this year. For once in my life, I would like to sit down and have a conversation with someone that focuses solely on why each candidate can help our country. Maybe, just maybe, if we went back to that form of decision making, we wouldn’t have people fighting over political parties and trying to bash on the candidates every single day. We wouldn’t have people trying to sneak guns into the national conventions, and we would have real news, rather than a story telling me something I already know. I didn’t realize that finally having the ability to vote would cause me to hate everything about the months leading up to the presidential voting; begging for it to be over long before I even decided who I was voting for. Lets get our shit together America, and vote for a President we can believe in, not just one who is not as big of an asshole as the other guy.




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5 responses to “A Politician Told A Lie?

  1. My god, there’s never been so much awesome truth contained in one blog post. Seriously, if I tried to agree with you more, I would implode.

    You’ve perfectly addressed the problems that hold me back from caring about many political issues: it’s impossible to find any unbiased information, and one candidate is always bashing the other. It’s a little offensive, actually, when politicians treat the voters like idiots, spewing out fallacies they claim to be facts and claiming they should earn the people’s affection simply because the other guy is bad. Would it really hurt to have a politician who is genuine, honest, and doesn’t rely on trash-talking?

    Believe it or not, there is proof of genuinely good people succeeding at their trade. If I may use a video game example, game developer Valve Software have won the hearts of their fans by providing products and services that they want. They really communicate with their fans and they don’t waste time bashing other companies (at least not most of the time). I know, the video game industry is a completely different ball game from the political sphere, but I’d be interested to see a presidential candidate work under the Valve mindset and actually be a good guy.

    Gabe Newell for president. But not really. I don’t know, I’m all flustered now.

  2. Goodness gracious I couldn’t agree with you more! You make so many truthful points in this little blog post that are so important for everyone who is considering voting to hear. It’s so true-politics these days are all about slamming the opponent and talking shit about each other, and quite frankly, I think almost everyone can say they’re sick of it. I’ve had enough of the slandering commercials and political ads. Every time I turn on the TV, it’s all about the bad things each candidate is doing and why you shouldn’t vote for them. The candidates barely tell us why they themselves should be voted for…they are more interested in taking down the opponent and talking smack about them! Tell us about yourselves for once! Well, those are my thoughts, which are completely similar to yours, I think. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. This was a great post! And I am actually watching the debate right now. I am so sick and tired of hearing more and more BS from everyone that is running. I literally have to turn the radio and channel overtime I see a political add. Frankly, I don’t want to vote for EITHER Romney Or Obama. I am still waiting for someone to run for president (or any other political position) who is not a complete jerk. I think that people need to stop slamming and honestly just think about what they can do for the american population and not get voted in simply because they have money to buy the most air time.

  4. Well said, sir of sirs! And quite comically so I may add.

    I want a president that isn’t afraid to admit he likes to party. If a politician stood up and said, “Yeah, I smoke a pot, and it’s fun. I also get drunk every other day.” I’d vote for his ass in a heartbeat! Why? Because he’s honest, relatable, and refreshing.. He might send the country spiraling into the shitter, but at least we can say we tried something new for once.

    I don’t ask much from my politicians… politics are just so silly.

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