Going Viral Gangnam Style

Going viral can increase your popularity instantly, just ask South Korean sensation PSY who recently posted a music video for his song Gangnam Style. His video hit 200 million views in just two months. PSY is a man with a grand sense of humor and a lack of dance skill to go with it; ask him if he cares. The man takes his lack of dance skill and makes a music video that you can’t help but smile while watching. His supporting cast could possibly be funnier than he is. With remixes and parodies popping up all over the internet, PSY has made his way into becoming one of the most popular persons of 2012.

Youtube is starting to have a huge impact on our society, whether it be good or bad. We have videos of people doing things they most likely shouldn’t be doing, just for a couple of views, and we have people making parodies, good or bad, that are causing a stir all over the world (yes, I am talking about the poorly produced movie that ended in the death of multiple innocent people in Libya). Decide for yourself if the impact that youtube has made in this world is good or bad, but PSY decided to take advantage of it in a harmless, humorous way. So remember, if you are going to try and impress the world with that irrelevant talent you have, make sure you are not going to offend anyone, make sure its safe to perform, and throw in a dance that looks like you are riding a horse and you should do just fine.



September 25, 2012 · 4:18 am

5 responses to “Going Viral Gangnam Style

  1. My son is obsessed with YouTube! Also, I have this handy little toolbar button that can take any video from any website and add it to a channel on my Roku. It is called Plex. I like using YouTube for instructional videos. This can save lots of time and money when you learn to fix stuff yourself. I would probably rather die than publicly display myself to the world.

  2. Indeed YouTube is a powerful tool in our society. It’s one of those websites that allows aspiring musicians, actors, and directors to accomplish their life-long goals overnight, and it’s one of the reasons I love modern technology. It’s nice to see someone achieve international fame with a goofy video involving staring at butts and humping the air in an elevator. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t smile at the sight of this video.

    The sad reality, however, is that anything you can possibly think of is bound to offend someone. YouTube aren’t the ones to blame, of course; art has, and always will, stir up controversy. YouTube, and the internet as a whole, has definitely done more good than bad in connecting people in a peaceful way.

  3. The popularity of this song is out of this world. I seriously overheard people talking about it on two different occasions today. Once while walking through the Jarvis Hall, and another time at Kwik Trip.

    I wonder what bands from the ’60s and ’70s would be popular today if there was Youtube around during those times. I have to imagine our classic rock stations might sound quite different.

  4. I agree, YouTube has really opened up doors for people trying to get themselves and their talent out there to the public. Not just YouTube, though. I remember using MySpace to find new artists often. There are so many bands that would never been able to afford touring if it hadn’t been for MySpace. Just awful bands, that for some reason attracted the MySpace crowd.

    It could be concerning when people will go to any lengths to get their 5-minutes of fame. The Internet is a very powerful tool, and should be used with caution. But, I agree, it has overall done more good with connecting people.

  5. I agree that youtube is helping with society. With shows like Tosh.0 and Ridicoulessness as they take youtube videos and post them on there shows for millions of people to watch. I also agree that there are plenty of bad youtube video that can cause crazy stuff in other countries like what in libya. But there is more good then there is bad.

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